Telephone follow-up and remote support  
Need just a little bit of extra guidance, over the phone?

We like face-to-face contact - and will always prefer to visit you at your home or business site.

But sometimes, there's a need for small-scale follow-up. Maybe you want further help with your email settings...or a little bit of further information on how to edit your photos...or you can't work out how to make your new scanner work? No problem. 

When we visit you, we can install software which will enable remote support on your machine. "Remote support" means that in the future we will be able to provide
  • telephone support
  • whilst being able to see your screen
  • and being able to show you what to do.
Of course, we set up remote support with full security.
  • We will never install the remote support software on your PC without your agreement. 
  • Whenever we need to connect to your PC, the remote support software will ask you to give permission. That way, no one will ever be able to connect to your PC without you knowing.
  • You will always be able to stop the session at any time. 
  • We will also supply instructions on how to remove the remote support software, should you wish to permanently delete this capability from your PC.
So that we can provide the best assistance, remote support sessions are "by appointment". We will agree with you
  • What help or guidance you need
  • A time when you will be available
There are no telephone charges. At the appointed time, we will phone you. So no worries about your phone bill!

Remote support is charged at standard rates, minimum 15 minute sessions. 
 If you'd like to know more, just phone or email us - details above.