Personal Computer Coaching and Training 
This is at the heart of everything I do.

I believe that using your PC effectively is an essential life-skill. But everybody is different - in their needs, and the rate at which they want to learn.

So what I offer is this: What you want to learn, at your pace.

Sure, I have some standard stuff that you might want to pick out - see the list on the left.

But it's up to you. I can cover almost anything.

Want to learn about the Web? Fine !
Want to understand that Twitter thing? No problem!
Want to use the web to build your family tree? I can show you how to start!  
Want some help searching the web for articles on Ancient Egyptian pottery? Just ask!

It really is your call - all you have to do is ask.

Give Ubestree a ring or drop us an email - details at the top of the page.