The Information Technology Age
There's no escaping IT....

Make no mistake.  We are living through a time which will go down in history as one of the great epochs of change. As significant as the Renaissance, as disruptive as the Industrial Revolution.

Information Technology, and in particular the Personal Computer, is changing forever the way we work, and the way we interact. Whether we like it or not, mastering the Personal Computer has become essential, both at home and in business. You can either take control of our PC, or just suffer.

Ubestree's mission: to put you in charge of your PC.  

I offer
  • Personalised,one-to-one PC coaching and PC training
  • At any level, from complete beginner to advanced user
  • At your own pace, to meet your individual needs
  • In the comfort of your own office or home
  • Follow-up support by phone and remote access
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