Get On Line...
At the heart of the IT revolution is The Web - the world-wide network of computers that can share information with you. "Getting on line" simply means connecting your PC to that network, and using the link to access that information.  
Getting to grips with the Web can seem daunting - but it's suprisingly easy, one step at a time.

We'll begin with basics, and show you how easily you can get at all sorts of facts - not to mention pictures, music, videos...! 

We move at your pace, according to your needs, but will usually include:
  • What is the web?
  • Your connection to the web
  • "Browsers"
  • Searching
  • "Favourites" 
  • The best known web sites - a quick tour
When we've finished, you'll know how to look for almost any piece of information on the web, and amaze yourself at what you can find.