Basic Computer Security and Safety
How to make sure it's you that's controlling your PC

Sound a bit strange?  But that's exactly the problem as soon as you connect to the web. It's a bit like the old Wild West - great fun, but quite dangerous if you tangle with the bad guys....
Without the proper precautions, your PC could be open to abuse by others. At best, that might mean your files are visible to strangers. At worst, your PC itself could become a source of infection, leaving you open to action by your Internet Service Provider and even (in extreme cases) to legal action.  

If you're on a home PC, you'll want to know you're safe. If you're in business, and/or hold any kind of confidential data, you have a legal duty to take reasonable precautions to protect that data. 

We can't guarantee your security - but we can make sure you've got the basics on place.

We will explain the threats posed by the internet to your system and data, and cover the things you must do to be safe. We'll help you choose products that will help, and show you how to carry out your own free security check.

Whilst we can never guarantee the safety of your systems and data, we can help you understand why you need to be careful, and what you might do to reduce the risks.